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Rep. Cory Gardner and Congress have left work for their summer recess, and they've punted on tax breaks, huge funding cuts to Colorado's schools, and the farm bill.

If Congress doesn't live up to their responsibilities millions of Americans will face a massive tax increase, and Colorado's education programs could lose more than $34 million in funding next year. They've failed to renew the soon to be expiring Farm Bill which funds school lunches and helps farmers during this devastating drought. Without action, Colorado is set to lose $67 million in funding next year alone.

Brandon's opponent Cory Gardner and his extreme colleagues in Congress have punted on these pressing bills.

Their inability to compromise and work across the aisle shows that their priorities aren't with you and me, but rather the special interests who are funding their campaigns.

We can't afford more inaction in Washington DC, it's hurting our economy and costing us jobs here in Colorado.

In fact, most of the Colorado delegation understands the consequences of refusing to address our longstanding problems. Seven of Colorado's nine members of Congress penned a letter demanding that both the Senate and the House act to prevent these brutal cuts to Colorado's education, energy, and agriculture programs; Cory Gardner refused to sign the letter.

So while Congress is taking another month long vacation, it's only fair that you should be able to take a three minute break to learn how much is at stake.

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